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2019 Jul 30

Stephen Amell Originally Thought ‘Arrow’ Should Have Ended At Season 7

Stephen Amell Originally Thought ‘Arrow’ Should Have Ended At Season 7

Stephen Amell originally had a different idea to when Arrow should have concluded, as the actor originally thought the series should have ended at Season 7.

During a recent Facebook Live session, Stephen Amell talked to fans about the final season. This was in between scenes as the actor still had some of the eye makeup on. At one point during the session, Stephen Amell dug a bit into why he thought the show should have ended at Season 7 and what made him change his mind.

By the time Season 7 was wrapping up, Stephen Amell felt the show had its run and it was time for it to wrap up. At that point, however, he went on to support the show’s final season by teasing the cool things that will happen:

“I think that we’ve had our running time. That’s what I thought when I talked with Greg Berlanti in Season 6. I felt like we had done our thing. I thought ultimately theoretically Season 7 should’ve ended things. But to come back and do 10 episodes … what they’ve done with this final season is really cool. It’s like nothing you guys have ever seen. Every episode that comes out, it’s like ‘Wait a minute, what? It’s happening what and where and how? Ok, that’s cool. Let’s do it!’”

What do you all make of this? Was Stephen Amell right? Should Arrow have ended after Season 7? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

2015 Jul 23

Stephen Amell Talks About Casey Jones’ Origin Story

“Arrow” actor Stephen Amell who plays Casey Jones in the upcoming “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2” has revealed that the vigilante character will have a different origin story in the next movie. The sequel is scheduled to hit the big screen on June 2016.

The latest installment of the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” was noted to have altered a few things in the titular team and most of the characters’ origin stories. With a sequel coming up, it looks like the pattern will still continue. “Arrow” front man Stephen Amell who will play the role of the vigilante Casey Jones has revealed that even his character will undergo some changes as well.

In an interview with IGN at the 2015 San Diego Comic-Con, the 34-year-old actor discussed his part in the forthcoming movie. “It’s certainly not your father’s or your younger self’s Casey Jones, but that’s because we meet him at a very different time in his development,” Amell said. According to the actor, Jones in TMNT2 will no longer be the character the comic book fans have come to know and love. “When things go awry, [and] when he goes through the normal methods of what someone would do when they’re law-abiding citizen and he’s met with laughter and scorn, he decides to take things into his own hands,” he added.

It seems like Amell’s Casey Jones will not become a vigilante yet until he reaches adulthood. This may be one of the changes that the fans will see in the upcoming film. It was noted that in the comics, Jones began crime fighting when he was still a kid. According to Cinema Blend, he used to work in his dad’s auto shop until a certain gang murdered his father and burned the shop down. He started wearing a hockey mask, fighting bad guys with the sport’s stick and eventually became ally with the titular team.

Amell’s take on the character marks the second time the vigilante had its live-action version. Comic Book notes that “Chicago P.D.” actor Elias Koteas first portrayed the role in the first two live-action adaptation of TMNT. His character opposites April O’Neill who is now played by “Transformers” actress Megan Fox. Amell is reported to have filmed the sequel during his Arrow hiatus over the summer.

Directed by Dave Green (“Earth To Echo”), “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2” is scheduled to open in cinemas on June 3, 2016.


2015 Jul 23

Does Stephen Amell Want Oliver to Meet His Son?

The answer to that is yes! Stephen said in a interview that you can view below that he does want Oliver to meet his son.

According to Stephen Amell who plays Oliver Queen on Arrow, during an interview with Screen Rant, Oliver will in fact meet his son Connor Hawke, that has been teased for sometime now on series.

This is what Amell had to say on the topic:

“Me personally being a dad, I would love to see how Oliver interacts with having a kid. Obviously, it would be a different experience from that experience, but I think that storyline deserves further attention. One of the big tenants of Greg Berlanti is you don’t introduce something to the audience, you don’t tease it if you are not going to follow through with it [in] some shape or form. So I think it’s a safe bet that Oliver will find out about his child at some point.”

In the comics Connor Hawke is Oliver’s son from a previous relationship with Sandra Hawke, whose character has appeared on Arrow and The Flash, Oliver later meets Connor as an already grown adult and ends up becoming his sidekick and at some point in the comics he also becomes the Green Arrow.


2015 Jul 23

Stephen Amell Teases Green Arrow For Arrow Season Four

The CW’s Arrow is already hitting close to its Green Arrow roots for the upcoming fourth season, but a recent tease from Stephen Amell hints that the show might nail the ultimate comic book bullseye.

Namely, that goatee. The white whale of Arrow’s comic book adaptation, Oliver Queen’s iconic facial hair has yet to make it on the show, along with the feather placed in Oliver’s head-ware. In a recent tweet, Amell teased an iconic Green Arrow comic book cover, featuring the Emerald Archer in all his un-shaved glory.

Does this mean Amell will sport a Green Arrow makeover to go along with the official name change? We certainly hope so. While Arrow already debuted Oliver’s new costume, there’s still a chance that they’re saving the biggest alteration as a surprise.

Amell also tweeted the hashtag #GreenArrow, which is also featured in the old Matt Wagner-illustrated cover. So at the very least, the actor was just building more hype for Oliver’s official graduation to “Green Arrow.” “Green Arrow” is also the official episode title to Arrow’s fourth season premiere.

Arrow’s fourth season premiers October 7 at 8:00 on The CW.


2015 May 16

Arrow Season 4 Will Change The Hero In A Major Way

After defeating Ra’s al Ghul and preventing a bioweapon from killing everyone in Starling City, Oliver Queen decided in the Arrow Season 3 finale that he was done being The Arrow. Hanging up his costume and leaving the crimefighting to the other members of Team Arrow, he departed Starling City with Felicity and left his superhero life behind him. With the show coming back next season, Oliver’s new life isn’t permanent, but if series star Stephen Amell is to be believed, the next season will see the hero being altered in a major way.

E! Online caught up with Amell at the Upfronts Thursday and pointed out how Oliver had retired as a superhero, which prompted the actor to give this response.
Arrow is done. No more Arrow suit. I’ve worn it for the last time.

Seeing that Arrow is on the schedule for next season, and it hasn’t been renamed to something like The Adventures of Oliver Queen (that just doesn’t have a good ring to it), Amell’s statement certainly shouldn’t be taken too literally. At first, it sounds like the actor is hinting that Oliver will be wearing a different costume when Season 4 starts. However, Oliver was seen wearing his normal Arrow suit in the Legends of Tomorrow trailer, so it can’t be as simple as him just never wearing it again. Amell did admit earlier in the interview that aside from one small thing, he doesn’t know what’s in store for Season 4, so this tidbit of information may just be referring to how the status quo was left in the Season 3 finale.

Even ignoring his duds in Legends of Tomorrow, a costume upgrade would be an effective way to transition the character to what every fan wants him to become: Green Arrow. Unlike Barry Allen in The Flash, Oliver Queen hasn’t taken his superhero identity from the comics. He started out being called a vigilante/The Hood in Season 1, and in Season 2 transitioned to becoming The Arrow. Depending on what goes down in Season 4, we could see Oliver transitioning away from the Arrow and finally becoming Green Arrow, something many fans have been desperate to see. If he’s rocking a new suit next season (preferably something that’s a brighter shade of green), this could be one of the final steps towards him becoming the hero he’s destined to be. So instead of the above picture, he’ll look closer to something like the image below.

Fans of The Flash will remember that the future newspaper from “The Trap” mentioned Green Arrow in the lead article, so we know that Oliver will adopt the name sometime before 2024. The question now is when this identity change will occur, and if we’re interpreting Amell’s statement correctly, it may be sooner than previously expected. We’ll find out when Arrow returns with new episodes later this year.


2015 Mar 08

Stephen Amell On First Impressions Being Hard

2015 Feb 12

‘Arrow’ Show Runner and Stephen Amell Talks Upcoming Episodes, Felicity and Oliver’s Future

Last week, the Arrow made his triumphant return to Starling City as he joined the battle in the Glades and announced that he’s back for good. After an emotional reunion at the Arrow cave, the whole team is stunned when they learn that Oliver will be training with Malcolm to prepare to defeat Ra’s al Ghul, and Felicity is not happy about this.

“Arrow” show boss Marc Guggenheim and Stephen Amell recently talked to Variety to share some details about upcoming episodes, the scoop on how Oliver feels about Laurel being the Black Canary, and the future of Oliver and Felicity.

On the last episode, Oliver discovers that he’s no longer the main decision maker in the team. Amell said that his character, Oliver, will not be handling this well. “It’s like, ‘okay, I’m back, let’s get back to it’ and everyone’s like, ‘no’,” says Amell.

“They all independently make the decision that they are there because they want to be there. So me coming back and just being dictatorial and ‘my way or the highway’ is just not going to work,” he added.

Guggenheim agrees that the transition will be hard for Oliver.

“Oliver has got some decisions to make in terms of how he wants to handle this new team dynamic that he’s been thrust into, and it’s going to be interesting. I think some of our best scenes come out of moments of conflict in the lair, and you’ll certainly see a chunk of that,” said the showrunner.

Guggenheim also reveals that Oliver won’t be Laurel’s biggest fan as she takes becomes the Black Canary. “Oliver is definitely the least supportive of everyone in terms of Laurel trying to fill her sister’s boots, and he is not shy about expressing that opinion,” he says.

As for Oliver and Felicity’s relationship, Guggenheim teases that fans can expect a “very different dynamic” between the two in upcoming episodes.

“I think Felicity and Oliver are going to struggle with [the question of] how do we remain coworkers and even friends if this romantic genie — which had been taken out of the bottle at the beginning of the season—is now off the table, to mix metaphors.”


2015 Feb 11

Stephen Amell Does the Nicest Thing for a Fan

Stephen Amell has a great relationship with his fans and this latest story of him going above and beyond for one of his admirers just warms our hearts!

Korey Finch, a big fan of Arrow, sadly lost her baby during the 34th week of pregnancy last year and she decided to hold a superhero themed memorial as they named the child after Batman’s son. After reaching out to Stephen to see if he could send something to the memorial, he one-upped the request by saying he wanted to meet the family the next time he would be in Dallas.

As the date approached, Korey reached out to Stephen again and he ended up setting up VIP tickets to the Dallas Fan Expo for their whole entire group. He also made sure they had special time together and fulfilled Korey‘s wish of jumping into his arms. Watch the video below!

2015 Jan 24

Stephen Amell Talks the NEXT Arrow/The Flash Crossover

Thought that the Arrow/The Flash crossover a few weeks back was the coolest televisual superhero crossover you’d ever see? Well, from the sounds of Stephen Amell’s latest comments in an interview with Collider, we ain’t seen nuthin’ yet:

“I thought that they were two of the best scripts that either show has ever put forward. The logistical elements of it were something that we had to figure out, as we moved along, but I think that everybody did a great job, and that future cross-overs will be even bigger and better and smoother.”
After all, when Arrow himself reveals that the next crossover(s) “will be even bigger and better,” I’m inclined to believe him.

Well, that’s where Amell’s other comment might just prove illuminating. Speaking about the relationship between the two heroes, Amell highlighted the fact that:

“There’s just something about the chemistry between [Grant and I], and the differences between the characters, where we each get to shine a light on the other one, and I think that light is always really illuminating.”
Now, that might just be Amell’s polite way of saying ‘crossovers are cool, huh?’ – but when it comes to the comic-book versions of Green Arrow and The Flash, those differences he spoke about have always completely defined their relationship.

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2014 Oct 23

Will Oliver find out about the Thea-Malcolm partnership?

What’s left of the Queen family will be reunited this week as Oliver (Stephen Amell) travels to Corto Maltese—also the name of Wednesday’s Arrow episode—to track down his missing sister, Thea (Willa Holland). The youngest Queen heir left Starling City at the close of season 2 with her real father, Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman), otherwise known as the Dark Archer, Ollie’s sworn enemy whom he believes to be dead.

Joined by Diggle (David Ramsey) and Roy (Colton Haynes), Oliver sets his sights on being open with his sister in hopes of bringing her home. “They didn’t end off on a very good note, but if you remember they had that scene in the mansion in the aftermath of Moira’s [Susanna Thompson] death,” Amell tells EW from the Vancouver set. “Oliver was pretty open and honest and loving towards his sister. She took that with her. There isn’t a huge amount of residual bitterness, which is surprising because of how cataclysmic the events were the last time that they saw one another. Their dynamic is always going to be big brother-little sister, but Oliver is very much dealing with Thea on an equal playing field and trying to be as honest with her as possible. How honest he’s going to be is really the crux of the episode.”

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