Electric Rivet Nut Gun Cordless Riveting Tool,Cordless Riveting Drill Adaptor,Insert Nut Power Tool Accessories

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Pick the right size opening for your rivet, there are 4 to choose from. Attach the tool to cordless drill. Hold the tool, before it starts to grab the rivet, hit reverse on your drill until you feel click. The rivet can be fitted in once the teeth widen. Put the rivet in the tool and slowly hold the handy part of the tool and pull the drill trigger, when you feel it start to grab the rivet. Put it in the hole that you wish to rivet and keep holding the handy part and hit the drill at full. Once the rivet pops, keep holding the handy part of the tool and hit reverse on your drill. The teeth will widen and the old rivet shaft will drop to the ground. Put your drill back in the forward position and rinse and repeat. Excluding electric drill

NOTE The rivet gun does not apply to the drill with impact function. Due to the manual measurement,there might be some error.

1 x Riveter Adatpter

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