2016 Jan 12

Arrow’s Stephen Amell reveals that his contract runs until 2019

Arrow is currently on its fourth season, and while it’s previously been intimated that the show only has a few more years to go until the story is complete, that doesn’t stop the rumour mill churning out headlines about it.

However, Stephen Amell, who plays Oliver Queen / the Green Arrow, is very vocal on social media and will often speak out to contradict rumours and speculation, and he’s done exactly once again this week.

Arrow first launched on The CW network back in 2012, and followed the story of Oliver Queen as he returned to Starling City with a vow to save his city with a trusty bow and arrow.

Putting a team together, Oliver continues to fight the biggest villains in Star City, and it certainly hasn’t been an easy task.

Throughout all of this, and while losing loved ones and almost losing his own life on numerous occasions, Oliver has found “the one” in Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards).

Smoak provides what could be deemed as technical support for Team Arrow, hacking into CCTV files and what not, but during the midseason finale, it appeared that she was shot dead by the Ghosts.

Following the success of Arrow, the CW network have gone on to launch The Flash and are planning on launching DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, which combines heroes and villains from the other shows.

As we approached the second half of season four, rumours began to circulate that Amell would be leaving the show after the fifth season, prompting Amell to speak out.

As noted above, Amell reveals that he’s not going anywhere and will continue to work on the Arrow until at least 2019 – assuming the show continues that long.

The rumours follow those that claimed Stephen Amell would be joining Supernatural for a wrestling themed episode following his recent success at WWE’s SummerSlam extravaganza in August.

It began to spiral from there and it was speculated that Amell would be leaving Arrow for good to join the show alongside the Winchester Brothers.

We’re glad he’s not going anywhere, because really, what would Arrow be without its leading man? It wouldn’t make much sense at all…


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