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  • Arrow 3×03 Promo “Corto Maltese”

    Oct 16
    posted by Holly

    Arrow: 3×02 “Sara” Sneak Peek

    Oct 14
    posted by Nicki

    Kevin Smith, Geoff Johns and Stephen Amell Join the Roster of LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham

    Oct 10
    posted by jess

    Since it was first announced, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and TT Games have not been shy about the amount of playable characters that fans will find in the upcoming LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham, but some of them might surprise you. It has now been revealed that DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns and former “Batman” and “Green Arrow” writer Kevin Smith will be playable in the game. In addition, Oliver Queen himself, Stephen Amell, will be lending his voice to the game as none other than Green Arrow. Check out images of the three of them below!

    Furthermore, WB and TT Games have announced plans for their New York Comic Con panel, which will take place Saturday, October 11 at 12 p.m. on the Main Stage 1-D at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. Present for the panel will be Kevin Smith, Troy Baker, TT Games developers Arthur Parsons and Stephen Sharples, Geoff Johns, and Stephen Amell. The panelists will go behind the scenes of this year’s ultimate Super Hero adventure for all ages and reveal new characters, show off exclusive gameplay demos and give away prizes.


    3×01-3×02 Episode Stills

    Oct 10
    posted by jess

    Added stills for 3×01-3×02 in our Gallery.

    Arrow 3×02 Sara Extended Promo

    Oct 9
    posted by Nicki

    Arrow 3×01 The Calm Clip!

    Oct 5
    posted by Nicki

    Episode Titles for 3×07 & 3×08

    Sep 28
    posted by jess

    Titles for Episode 7 & 8 have been revealead:

    3×07 – I Don’t Tweet
    3×08 – The Brave & The Bold


    Video: Stephen Amell Talks About Playing Oliver Queen and Shooting Action Scenes

    Sep 18
    posted by Holly

    Stephen Amell Wants To Guest Host WWE Monday Night Raw

    Sep 18
    posted by Holly

    Two weeks ago, WWE Monday Night Raw featured a Red Arrow. Soon they could be getting a green one.

    According to a post on his Facebook wall, actor Stephen Amell — best known for his role as Oliver Queen on the CW series Arrow — announced his intentions to guest host television’s longest-running weekly episodic whatever, and maybe even take it a step further.

    He’s certainly in good enough shape for it. The last celebrity to show up on Raw was Jerry Springer, and he had to be stretchered away with an injury after getting in the middle of a twin sister catfight. Amell would be an improvement on that in every definition.

    Hopefully the WWE follows the #AmellGetsRaw hashtag and sets this up. We need more crossover in the WWE and DC Universes. I know it’d make Batman happy.


    Stephen Amell Previews Season 3 at Salt Lake Comic Con

    Sep 12
    posted by Holly

    “Arrow” star Stephen Amell regaled fans at the Salt Lake Comic Con with his stories about the show, his scenes, his past and his love of the character. He even thrilled the audience with a performance of the “Arrow” opening voiceover (which he couldn’t remember fully, since this season has a new voiceover). Of course fans also wanted to know what we could expect from season three. And SpoilerTV was there for all the teasers.

    Amell says he’s seen four episodes from the new season already. In fact, he told the crowd, “Last night I watched the director’s cut for episode 3.04 and it was awesome! It is our 50th episode. It is worthy of a 50th episode and it has a scene and a confrontation in it that has literally been two and a half years in the making.”

    While he doesn’t expand any more on that scene, he does highlight a lot of characters making returns and entrances on the show. “I can tell you that we have Caity Lotz coming back as Canary in our first episode. We have Mr. Barrowman (Malcolm Merlyn) joining us as a regular this year. We have Ra’s al Ghul. We do another fun travel episode where we go to Corto Maltese (a DC Comics fictional country). That’s exciting. Oliver is in Hong Kong. That’s also very interesting. We always have flashbacks and we get my good friend Colin Donnell – Mr. Tommy Merlyn – in the flashbacks this year.”

    Amell also teases that Arsenal will be hitting the screen (Roy Harper’s superhero identity), along with The Atom (played by “Superman Returns” star Brandon Routh).

    And don’t forget a crossover episode of “The Flash.” “Spoiler alert,” Amell says, “I’m in the pilot episode of ‘The Flash,’ which is really exciting. And we have another character that’s crossing over in the fourth episode of ‘The Flash.’ And episode 1.08 of ‘The Flash’ and 3.08 of ‘Arrow’ are a big two-night crossover extravaganza.”

    In addition, “Arrow” will feature a Felicity-central episode, which Amell says is titled “The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak.” The actor was thankful because it gave him some rare time off. “I recently got four days off out of an eight-day shoot, which is a record for me,” he says. “I don’t have another day off until January. Felicity and Felicity’s mom afforded me four days of vacation. It was lovely.”

    Read More here

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